All consultations are held with Dr. Kathryn Leskis and/or Dr. Crystal Newman. There are three types of consultations:

  • An exploratory consultation is held without prior commitment to any services. This type of consultation is best for clients who are unsure of their specific needs, and/or wish to explore options in more detail before making decisions. During this session, clients will discuss their current circumstances and questions to receive recommendations about next steps, which may or may not include neurobehavioral assessment. Hourly client service rates apply.
  • An initial consultation is held prior to testing services. During this session, clients will discuss individual needs and concerns and plan additional testing sessions based on unique characteristics and needs, such as age, behavioral control, schedule, transportation, medication, pain, etc.
  • A follow-up consultation may be held weeks, months, or years after services end. In a follow-up consultation, clients may wish to talk about whether re-evaluation is necessary, ask questions about next steps, or discuss progress.